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Literacy Lift Off

1st & 2nd Class completed a 6 week Literacy Lift Off Reading Programme designed to enhance reading skills at that particular age group. Well done to all on their own individual success and to all the teachers for co-ordinating this really worthwhile initiative.

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1st and 2nd class enjoyed a Teddy Bear’s picnic this month.

March 2023

1st and 2nd class had lots of fun celebrating Seachtain na Gaeilge.

February 2023

1st and 2nd class and their brilliant bird projects.

January 2023

1st and 2nd class had lot’s of fun in science this month.

December 2022

1st and 2nd class created lovely art this month.

November 2022

1st and 2nd class created beautiful art this month.

October 2022

1st and 2nd class had lots of fun learning to play the glockenspiel during their music lessons.

September 2022

1st and 2nd Class made paper helicopters as part of their science lessons this month.

June 2022

School Tour

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Life Cycle of a Butterfly!

Life Cycle of a Butterfly – Parts of a Butterfly

Painted Caterpillars & Symmetrical Folded Butterflies 

Vegetable Patch Update!

Our May Altar

First Confession 2021

Happy Mother’s Day!


Away with the birds!

1st and 2nd Class learned all about birds this month. They researched a common garden bird and created a project on it. They wrote a procedure on how to make a bird feeder and they kept watch both in school and at home to see if they could spot any of the birds that we learned about. We also made bird feeders and hung them in our school garden.

Christmas Art!

All About Teeth!!!

1st & 2nd Class learned all about teeth this month. They learned how to look after their teeth, how to brush their teeth, what foods/drinks are bad for their teeth and the different types of teeth. Have a look at the photos below. They even made their very own teeth out of play dough.

RSA – 1st & 2nd Class

Seatbelt Sheriff & Hi-Glo Silver awards!

Science Week in 1st & 2nd Class!

County Board Football Coaching

Football coaching has returned and the children are loving it!

Halloween Fun!

Fancy dress, artwork, witch walk and Halloween games!

1st & 2nd Class – Print Making

Print making with Tunde Toth as part of Creative Schools

Maths Week – Problem Solving Winners

1st and 2nd Class

We learned all about the life cycle of an oat tree. We collected lots of Autumn leaves and learned how to identify them.

World Book Day!


IMG_20200306_134827 IMG_20200306_135748 IMG_20200306_135722 IMG_20200306_135642_1 IMG_20200306_135547 IMG_20200306_135517 IMG_20200306_135449 IMG_20200306_135419 IMG_20200306_135311 IMG_20200306_135130

Bricks 4 Kidz!

IMG_20200304_121544 IMG_20200304_122315 IMG_20200304_122329 IMG_20200304_122248

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Bee Mine!

dav dav


Living Arts – Collage Faces!


Living Arts – Puppet Show!

IMG_20200131_112508IMG_20200131_112717_1IMG_20200131_112536IMG_20200131_112616IMG_20200131_112442 IMG_20200131_112655_1IMG_20200131_105554IMG_20200131_105046IMG_20200131_112211IMG_20200131_105814IMG_20200131_105313IMG_20200131_111938IMG_20200131_105621IMG_20200131_112022IMG_20200131_105109IMG_20200131_112351IMG_20200131_105913IMG_20200131_105410


Living Arts – Puppet Show Backgrounds

IMG_20200124_114652 IMG_20200124_114702 IMG_20200124_114713 IMG_20200124_114724 IMG_20200124_114745 IMG_20200124_114810

Living Arts – Tinfoil Figures

IMG_20200117_105631 IMG_20200117_105705 IMG_20200117_105724 IMG_20200117_114458






Living Arts – Picasso Clay Faces!

IMG_20191129_115842 IMG_20191129_113800 IMG_20191129_115859 IMG_20191129_115852

IMG_20200117_115934 IMG_20200117_115936


Living Arts – Print Making!

IMG_20191108_105125 IMG_20191108_120305 IMG_20191108_120301 IMG_20191108_120341 IMG_20191108_120357

Wonderful Windmills!




North & South Poles!

IMG_20200131_102932 IMG_20200131_102946 IMG_20200131_102955




IMG_20191203_145130 IMG_20191203_145247 IMG_20191203_145245 IMG_20191203_145952_1 IMG_20191203_145221


Christmas Craft Fair!

We made snowmen!

IMG_20191121_114753 IMG_20191121_114746

Living Arts – Puppets!

IMG_20191122_114507 IMG_20191122_114458 IMG_20191122_114514 IMG_20191122_114450


IMG_20191213_114505 IMG_20191213_114143 IMG_20191213_114055 IMG_20191213_114452 IMG_20191213_114209_1

Science Week!

Friday: We took our experiments outside today! Diet coke and mentos! Watch out everyone!

IMG_20191115_131901 IMG_20191115_132336 IMG_20191115_132335 IMG_20191115_132329 sdr IMG_20191115_131948 IMG_20191115_132052 IMG_20191115_132336_1 IMG_20191115_131901

Thursday: We made bubble prints using paint, water and washing up liquid!

IMG_20191114_144453 IMG_20191114_143949 IMG_20191114_144416 IMG_20191114_144152 IMG_20191114_143923 IMG_20191114_143912 IMG_20191114_144506

Wednesday: We made slime using corn flower and water! Time to get messy!

IMG_20191113_120040 IMG_20191113_115219 IMG_20191113_120100 IMG_20191113_113648 IMG_20191113_121326 IMG_20191113_115146 IMG_20191113_120604 IMG_20191113_120101

Tuesday: We measured how far marbles travelled on different surfaces using ramps at different angles.

IMG_20191112_122752 IMG_20191112_131515 IMG_20191112_135236 IMG_20191112_122704 IMG_20191112_122751 IMG_20191112_122733 IMG_20191112_122643 IMG_20191112_131822 IMG_20191112_122632 IMG_20191112_131633

Monday: The nutty scientists taught us all about solids, liquids and gases!

IMG_20191111_115925 IMG_20191111_121811 IMG_20191111_121817 IMG_20191111_121936 IMG_20191111_114309 IMG_20191111_121835 IMG_20191111_115414 IMG_20191111_121803 IMG_20191111_114330 IMG_20191111_121755 IMG_20191111_122535 IMG_20191111_122404 IMG_20191111_121827 IMG_20191111_122422 IMG_20191111_122418




Halloween Fun & Games!

IMG_20191025_094422 IMG_20191025_094326 IMG_20191025_132658 IMG_20191025_094512 IMG_20191025_132629 IMG_20191025_132228 dav IMG_20191025_132809 IMG_20191025_132317 IMG_20191025_132302 IMG_20191025_132248 IMG_20191025_132235 IMG_20191025_132829 IMG_20191025_132351 IMG_20191025_094046 IMG_20191025_132412 IMG_20191025_133154 IMG_20191025_132355 IMG_20191025_133147 IMG_20191025_093953 IMG_20191025_132903 IMG_20191025_093915 IMG_20191025_132856_1 IMG_20191025_101129 IMG_20191025_132519_1 IMG_20191025_101107 IMG_20191025_132453 IMG_20191025_094154 IMG_20191025_132415 IMG_20191025_132613

Creative Schools – Living Arts!

Here is some of the work so far in the 1st and 2nd class room! Collages with Mary Claire and Anne!

IMG_20191018_111935 IMG_20191018_112004 IMG_20191018_112006 IMG_20191018_114043 IMG_20191018_111940 IMG_20191018_114040 IMG_20191018_111946 IMG_20191018_113823 IMG_20191018_113601 IMG_20191018_114655 IMG_20191018_112013 IMG_20191018_114450 IMG_20191018_112020 IMG_20191018_114228

Maths Week!

Table Quiz Time!

IMG_20191017_122302 IMG_20191017_122308 IMG_20191017_122250 IMG_20191017_122253 IMG_20191017_122317


Shape Art!

IMG_20191011_144704 IMG_20191016_151850 IMG_20191011_144631 IMG_20191016_151916


Maths Trail!

IMG_20191015_133257 IMG_20191015_133256 IMG_20191015_133119 IMG_20191015_133312 IMG_20191015_133114 IMG_20191015_133049

Science Experiment!

1st and 2nd class carried out an experiment to see what happened to certain things when heated! They heated chocolate, ice cream, marshmallows, butter, jellies and ice cubes!

 IMG_20191017_135934 IMG_20191017_140240 IMG_20191017_141152 IMG_20191017_145101 IMG_20191017_140244 IMG_20191017_140554


Creative Schools – Living Arts!

Using water colours with Mary Claire and Anne!

 IMG_20191011_112302 IMG_20191011_114237 IMG_20191011_115151 IMG_20191011_115747 IMG_20191011_114240 IMG_20191011_115717 IMG_20191011_115718 IMG_20191011_113235 IMG_20191011_115632 IMG_20191011_115633 IMG_20191011_115150 IMG_20191011_115754 IMG_20191011_115700 IMG_20191011_115617

Field Trip Around Kiltealy!

The boys and girls in 1st and 2nd class learned all about houses and homes. They examined the different types of houses in Kiltealy and ticked them off on their check lists as they found them!

IMG_20190927_144017 IMG_20190927_144759 IMG_20190927_144014 IMG_20190927_144015 IMG_20190927_144800 IMG_20190927_143023 IMG_20190927_143020


Autumn Leaves!

IMG_20190926_142051 IMG_20190926_142022 IMG_20190926_142046


Four Seasons Art!

IMG_20190918_135413 IMG_20190918_135431 IMG_20190918_135436


^^^ School Year – 2019/20 ^^^



Bricks 4 kids!





The Life Cycle of an Oak Tree

We learned all about the Life Cycle of an Oak Tree.

We also looked at other types of trees, their leaves and seeds.

Well done to all the boys and girls who brought in lots of items for our nature table.

P1020950 (Copy) P1020951 (Copy) P1020952 (Copy) P1020953 (Copy) P1020954 (Copy) P1020955 (Copy) P1020956 (Copy) P1020957 (Copy) P1020958 (Copy)

Harvest Day!

It’s that time of year again… Thanks to Jim Hanrahan who taught us all about growing vegetables and how to look after them.

This year we grew potatoes, onions, carrots and parsnips. We even got to bring some home!

FB_IMG_1539017910969 DSC_1537 DSC_1539 DSC_1538 DSC_1541 DSC_1540 FB_IMG_1539017896412 FB_IMG_1539017906983 FB_IMG_1539017901642


P1020961 (Copy) P1020966 (Copy) P1020967 (Copy) P1020968 (Copy)



Four Season Trees!

We learned all about the four seasons. We painted Four Season Trees. Each strip represents a season.

Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter!

 P1020980 (Copy) P1020981 (Copy) P1020982 (Copy) P1020983 (Copy) P1020984 (Copy) P1020986 (Copy)

Autumn Nature Walk!

We went for a walk around the school grounds looking at the different trees and identifying the some signs of autumn. Along the journey we met Mr. Jim Hanrahan out gardening. He showed us his vegetable patch and talked to us about all the things he grows in his garden!

P1020942 (Copy) P1020943 (Copy) P1020944 (Copy) P1020945 (Copy) P1020946 (Copy)

Reading Corner!

We made a reading corner in our classroom. Check it out! 🙂

P1020928 (Copy)

Roald Dahl Day!

We read Roald Dahl’s book – Fantastic Mr. Fox.

We tried to help Boggis, Bean and Bunce to catch Mr. Fox. We created a wanted poster and a character description of Mr. Fox! We also coloured some pictures of the character in the book!

P1020969 (Copy) P1020970 (Copy)


We did Kandinsky Circle Trees!

 P1020971 (Copy) P1020972 (Copy) P1020973 (Copy) P1020974 (Copy)

Welcome Back 1st & 2nd Class!!!

P1020975 P1020976 P1020977 P1020978 P1020979


^^^^^^^First and Second Class 2018/2019^^^^^^^


 First and Second Class 2017/2018

Here is a look back at all the things we got up to in First and Second Class this year!

Swimming Certificates

Making Solar Ovens

Rugby Cup Visit


Spring Clean

20180504_121144 20180504_121152

Coding with Lego

Celebrating Making Our Communion with an Ice-Cream Party


Dogs Trust Visit


Fun With Clay

20180322_134403 20180322_134408  






20180418_143413  20180428_103240 20180428_103255 20180428_103315

Meeting Our The Arrivals

Mother’s Day Art

20180309_102933 20180309_103414 20180309_103402

World Book Day


Visit From Farmer Brown

P1000681 P1000684 P1000686

Valentine’s Day Art

P1000664 P1000665

Pancake Tuesday

P1030272 P1030268 P1030269 P1030270 P1030273 P1030274

Christmas Craft Fair

P1000512 P1000511 P1000510 P1000508 P1000509

Santa Dash and Christmas Disco


Boat Making

P1000525 P1000520 P1000521 P1000522 P1000523 P1000524 P1000519 P1000517 P1000516 P1000515 P1000513 P1000514

Halloween Witch Walk




Maths Week Fun


P1000481 (1)

P1000482 (1)

September 2016

An Post Rás na mBan

There was great excitement as the pupils of Kiltealy N.S. were asked to cheer on the An Post Rás na mBan participants as they whizzed past our school on Friday afternoon. 1st and 2nd class loved waving their yellow flags to everyone.


img_7003      img_7010        img_7018 img_7019  img_7021 img_7022 img_7023


Funky Kids

Funky Kids rehearsals in full swing in first and second class.

P1000806 Funky Kids


October 2016

Maths Week

Image result for maths week 2016

The children in 1st an 2nd class had lots of fun during Maths week this year. Here are some photographs from our maths trail that we did with 3rd and 4th class.

P1000836 P1000835 P1000834 P1000833 P1000821 P1000823 P1000827 P1000818 P1000819 P1000817 Maths Week

Congratulations to all our winners during our Maths Week daily Challenges.

Take a look below at all the fun that was had as well as all the winners receiving their prizes at Mondays assembly.


Runners up in the Time challenge-Tomás Murphy-5th & 6th, Alex Carroll-1st & 2nd and Anne-Marie Roche-Junior & Senior Infants

Absent from Photos-Aela Bowe who was the overall Winner of The Time Challenge


Runners up of the Length Estimation Challenge: Aimee Neville and Aisling O’Brien-3rd and 4th Class, Bobby Watchorn-1st &2nd Class and Anne-Marie Roche-Junior & Senior Infants


Runners up of The number Estimation Challenge: Róisín Dwyer 3rd & 4th class, Aimee Bowe and Kayla Grogan-1st & 2nd Class and Paul Armstrong Junior & Senior Infants


Winners of the 1st & 2nd Class Quiz: The Fantastic Kids- Ciara Doyle, Robert, Niamh Healy and Bobby Watchorn

Witch Walk

1st and 2nd class had lots of fun on their witch walk this year. There was a lot of spooky costumes in our class!

p1010648        p1010649

Harvest Time!

Children from 1st and 2nd class enjoyed harvesting the lovely vegetables sown last Spring, with the rest of the school.



p1010493 p1010492 p1010490


December 2016

Science Week



We had lots of during Science week doing lots of experiments and learning lots about the world around us.

P1000837 P1000838 P1000839 P1000840 P1000841 P1000842  P1000844  P1000846    P1000850 P1000851 P1000852 P1000853

Funky Kids

Well done to all the boys and girls who danced and sang their hearts out at this years Funky Kids Concert.

1st and 2nd Class getting ready to hit the stage and busting some moves on stage.

20161220_184313  20161220_184645

20161220_18481820161220_184141 20161220_184847 20161220_184906 20161220_19110620161220_191111 20161220_191146 20161220_191208

Christmas Card Competition

Congratulations to Ava and Orla who were the winners of the Christmas card competition. All the children made beautiful cards and I had a very hard job in picking our winners. Well done to all the of 1st and 2nd class.


Problem Solving Winners – Christmas 2016

Congratulations to Kevin and Lucy who were the 1st and 2nd class winners of ‘Problem Solving Quiz’. Every Tuesday  and  Thursday the children take part in a maths table quiz. The children worked very hard every week and did excellent during our weekly quiz.


Santa Dash!

Dashing through the village !

Well done 1st and 2nd class on completing the Santa Dash this year we had lots of fun along the way!


p1010745      p1010752 p1010753

Christmas Disco

The Christmas Disco was a great success. There was lots of dancing and singing and most importantly, lots of fun! Although it was hard to catch them standing still, we managed to get a few photographs of the boys and girls during the Christmas Disco. 1st and 2nd class had a great time at the disco showing off their dance moves.

    p1010762 p1010846  p1010848  p1010850      p1010858


There was great excitement when Santy came to visit the children.

   p1010787 p1010791 p1010803


January 2017

Funky Kids Certificates

1st and 2nd Class were very excited to receive their Funky Kids certificates after putting on a spectacular show it was a well deserved prize!!


1st and 2nd Class

March 2017

First Confession

Congratulations to our second class pupils who received the sacrament of First Confession on Tuesday 14th March.

They were brilliant and I am very proud of all their hard work. Looking forward to the Communion!

2nd class would like to say a special thanks to all the children from 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th who joined us on the night, and provided us with beautiful music. A special thanks also to Ms. O’Neill and Ms Duff who organised the choir for us.

Image result for first confession

St. Patrick’s Day

We had lots of fun making our Leprechaun masks for the St. Patrick’s Day parade.

P1000917 P1000919

World Book Day

The pupils of 1st and 2nd class were replaced today by some wonderful and creative characters from many different books. We had lots of fun reading and listening to different stories! Well done to everyone and thank you to all the parents for helping with the costumes the were brilliant!

Image result for world book day

P1000877   P1000880 P1000881 P1000882 P1000883 P1000884  P1000889      P1000894P1000885P1000886   P1000890P1000895  P1000897P1000892P1000893

April 2017

Easter Egg Hunt

P1000949 P1000950 P1000951 P1000952 P1000953 P1000954 P1000955 P1000956 P1000957 P1000958 P1000959 P1000960 P1000961 P1000962 P1000963 P1000964

Bricks for Kids 

Bricks 4 Kids

Technology Week took place across the country last week and the children in Kiltealy N.S were treated to a Bricks 4 Kids Workshop Day.

Everyone from infants to 6th class took part  in the workshop day on Friday 28th April.

Have a look at our classes enjoying the workshops below

P1000992 P1000993 P1000997 P1020001 P1000996 P1000994 P1000999

Spring Clean 


Well done to 1st and 2nd who with the rest of the pupils in Kiltealy N.S took part in our National Spring Clean Day on Thursday 27th April.

Here are some pictures of us busy at work.


 May 2017

Communion 2017

Congratulations to 2nd class on making their First Holly Communion on the 6th May 2017. They did an amazing job and we are all very proud of them. 2nd class would like to thank Fr. Fegan and Fr. Morris for all their guidance, Ms. O’Brien for making our beautiful programs, 1st class for all their help during all of the practices and finally to the all senior pupils of Kiltealy National School for the lovely music and singing, and also Helena Dunbar our music teacher for her accompaniment and Ms Duff and Ms. O’Neill for all their hard work in preparing the choir.


Féile Visit

There was great excitement in  1st and 2nd during our recent Féile visit.

20170517_113717 20170517_113719 20170517_113720 20170517_113748 20170517_113946

Active Week

This Week we have had lost of fun being active everyday, we have done lots of different sports and games. Including dance, athletics, gymnastics, soccer, playground games and orienteering.

Here are our group dances to the Ghostbuster’s Theme.

P1020131 P1020132 P1020138 P1020137 P1020125 P1020124 P1020120 P1020113

Here we are doing our gymnastics.

P1020010 P1020010  P1020014 P1020015 P1020016 P1020017 P1020018 P1020019 P1020021  P1020031 P1020032 P1020035 P1020038 P1020047 P1020052 P1020053 P1020054 P1020055

Here are some action shots from soccer with Robbie.

P1020165 P1020166 P1020167 P1020168 P1020169 P1020170 P1020173 P1020174

Here we are doing our athletics during Active Week.

P1020148 P1020149 P1020150 P1020151 P1020152 P1020153 P1020154  P1020157  P1020160 P1020162 P1020163P1020159

First Holy Communion

Congratulations to all our pupils who received their first Holy Communion!!

Well done you did a great job and we are very proud of you all!!!

 Screenshot_20160609-222723 Screenshot_20160609-222648 Screenshot_20160609-222643 Screenshot_20160609-222631 Screenshot_20160609-222608


                                                                                                                                                    Image result for lego fun logo

All Classes really enjoyed having the bricks for kids team in our school. The children and teachers enjoyed building Lego models.



Screenshot_20160609-223021Screenshot_20160609-223011Screenshot_20160609-223008Screenshot_20160609-223130  Screenshot_20160609-222937 Screenshot_20160609-222945 Screenshot_20160609-223003 Screenshot_20160609-223008 Screenshot_20160609-223011Screenshot_20160609-222933


Veteran Mass

(April 2016)

After the Veteran mass, some local army men came to visit our school. This was very exciting as the children had the opportunity to find out what it is like to be in the army. They even had a go at marching! It was great fun!

DSC_1652 DSC_1645 DSC_1654

 DSC_1641 DSC_1649

Veteran Jim Cooper also came to speak to the children and answer their questions. He played a tune for us on his bag pipes. The children even had a go blowing into them!

DSC_1656 DSC_1657 DSC_1671

DSC_1659 DSC_1661

DSC_1664 DSC_1670


Spring Clean

(April 2016)

Spring Clean time in Kiltealy. Everybody worked hard collecting rubbish around the village. First and Second class ensured that their section around the hall was spotless! Well done everybody!

    DSC_1618 DSC_1625 DSC_1632

DSC_1629  DSC_1635


Planting seeds

(April 2016)

We had great fun planting seeds. We planted cress, peas and spinach seeds. We made small holes using our fingers and placed some seeds into each hole. We covered them with soil and watered them. We placed them in the window to make sure they had enough light.

DSC_1511 DSC_1515 DSC_1516 DSC_1523 DSC_1532 DSC_1533

Look how much our seeds have grown!!!

L DSC_1640 DSC_1637


Farming Friends!

(April 2016)

The boys and girls in first and second class were very lucky to have a very special, woolly visitor come into their class this month. They had learned all about farming, completed farming projects and even watched Big Week on the Farm each night. They were super excited to see Ciara’s daddy coming in with a one day old lamb.

A huge thank you to Willie Doyle for this great learning experience and for answering all of our questions.

DSC_1500 DSC_1501 DSC_1503 DSC_1505

DSC_1508 DSC_1509



Farming Projects!

(April 2016)

The boys and girls in First and Second class learned all about farming this month. They learned about farm safety, farming in the past, farming now, foods that can and can’t grow in Ireland and the different types of farming etc. In groups the children researched different topics and used the information they found to create amazing projects. Well done everybody!

DSC_1486 DSC_1488 DSC_1490 DSC_1495 DSC_1492 DSC_1496


We Made Butter!!!

(April 2016)

We have been learning all about farming. We learned how butter was made in the past. We made our own butter. We but cream into a jar and shook it as hard as we could. We saw the buttermilk seperate from the butter. We even got a chance to taste the butter on some crackers! Yummmmy……

             DSC_1470     DSC_1472             DSC_1477     DSC_1482DSC_1484


April showers turn to May flowers

(April 2016)

DSC_1442     DSC_1444

DSC_1446    IMG_20160408_190031

Our Spring Display!



Easter Egg Hunt!

(March 2016)

We had great fun on our Easter Egg Hunt! We had to work in groups to follow the clues and find the tokens to collect our Easter surprise!

DSC_1110 DSC_1111 DSC_1116 DSC_1119 DSC_1117 DSC_1123 DSC_1124 DSC_1126


Easter Egg Competition!

(March 2016)

Well done to all the children who designed an Easter egg. It was very difficult to pick a winner.

Congratulations to:

First Class –  Neasa Long (1st) and Alex Carroll (2nd)

Second Class – Isabel Baker (1st) and Julieanne Purcell (2nd)




First Confession!

(March 2016)

Congratulations to the boys and girls in Second Class who made their First Confession

on the 15th of March.

DSC_1057 DSC_1060




(March 2016)

We worked very hard drawing pictures about what it is like to live in Ireland in 2016.


We examined pictures of Dublin taken in 1916 and in 2016. We looked at the similarities and differences in both pictures. We also wrote poems aboutwhat it is like to live in Ireland in 2016.


We wrote and learned a poem which we recited for our school and local community.



Happy Mother’s Day!

(March 2016)

I’ve made you a flower with my fingers and my thumb.

So wou will have these memories for all the years to come!

                     DSC_1054    IMG_20160304_190735   DSC_1051


Coin Collection!

(March 2016)

The boys and girls in first and second class would like to thank everyone who supported our Brown Coin Collection. We love our new toys!!!



Science Fun Week!

(February 2016)

All classes had great fun for science week. We took part in lots of experiments and fun science lessons.

First and Second class made salt crystals, planted daffodils, made panpipes, made shaving foam prints and went on a nature walk searching for signs of Spring!

We made prints using shaving foam and paint!

DSC_1010 DSC_1013 DSC_1004

We made panpipes using lolipop sticks and different size straws!

  DSC_0838 DSC_0837DSC_0833

We went on a nature walk in search of signs of spring!

    DSC_0642    DSC_0650


We made salt crystals using watered down paint and salt!

       DSC_0825      DSC_0823

We planted daffodil bulbs and watched them grow!






Healthy Eating!

(February 2016)

We had a healthy eating day on Wednesday 10th of February. Everybody made a huge effort to bring in an extra healthy lunch. We brought in lots of different types of fruit and vegetables to share with our friends. We got to try different types of foods that we hadn’t tasted before. Yummy!


Shrove Tuesday!

(February 2016)

We learned all about Shrove Tuesday!

We even had a chance to taste some pancakes with some of our favourite toppings! Yummy!

DSC_0587 DSC_0588


St. Brigid’s Day!

(February 2016)

The 1st of February marks the feast day of St. Brigid. The boys and girls in First and Second class learned all about St. Brigid. To celebrate this special day we made St. Brigid’s crosses.

DSC_0580 DSC_0586


The Force Of Wind

(January 2016)

The boys and girls learned all about the force of wind. Here they are experimenting to see what they can move with the force of air that comes out of a balloon. The results were surprising!

                 DSC_0532   DSC_0534                 DSC_0536 DSC_0538

           DSC_0540 DSC_0543 DSC_0544

To link with our learning we made wind chimes using bits and pieces from home like beads, buttons, feathers, cd’s, shells, key rings, pipe clearners and much more.

DSC_0564    DSC_0563   DSC_0565



(January 2016)

First and Second class learned all about capacity during maths this month. We had lots of fun by filling all sorts of containers with water. We used bottles, buckets, cups, eggcups, jugs, cartons, bowls, glasses and much more! We needed a few towels too! 🙂

     DSC_0526     DSC_0530      DSC_0555


The North Pole And The South Pole

(January 2016)

The boys and girls in First and Second class learned all about the North and South Poles. They also learned about penguins, polar bears and Ernest Shackleton. In groups the children researched different topics and used the information they found to create amazing projects. Well done everybody!

DSC_0445  DSC_0475 DSC_0477 DSC_0479 DSC_0480 DSC_0482 DSC_0446

To link with our learning we created penguins and polar bears during art!

 DSC_0442  DSC_0450 DSC_0465 DSC_0447



(January 2016)

First and Second Class learned all about magnets this week. They searched for things that were magnetic around the classroom.

              DSC_0444  DSC_0449                                        DSC_0440    DSC_0446

They experimented to see if magnets worked through glass, plastic and styrofoam. They dropped a paper clip into a container of water and tried to get it out using a magnet.

      DSC_0468   DSC_0476   DSC_0475

 They had some fun and made their own magnet game!

               DSC_0481     DSC_0483DSC_0484


Christmas Disco!

(December 2015)

The Christmas Disco was a great success. There was great excitement when Santy came to visit the children. Although it was hard to catch them standing still, I managed to get a few photographs of the boys and girls during the Christmas Disco.

DSC_0280 DSC_0282 DSC_0286 DSC_0294 DSC_0296   DSC_0299   DSC_0302      DSC_0301  DSC_0304 DSC_0308 DSC_0313 DSC_0317 DSC_0318 DSC_0322 DSC_0327 DSC_0338 DSC_0342 DSC_0343 DSC_0345


Christmas Stocking Competition!

(December 2015)

The boys and girls designed their own Santa Stocking. It was very hard to pick a winner from each class. All the stockings were brilliant! Here are the winners!!! Congradulations boys. You both did a great job.



Santa Dash!

(December 2015) 

First and Second Class took part in this years Santa Dash! They sang Christmas songs and waved to everybody as they walked through the village.

DSC_0266 DSC_0265 DSC_0267


The Nativity

(December 2015)

The boys and girls worked in groups to create a Nativity display for our school. They carefully designed Baby Jesus, Mary, Joseph, The Three Wise Men, an angel, the star and a shepherd. They worked very hard and should be proud of their Nativity display!

            DSC_0190   DSC_0193               DSC_0194   DSC_0195               DSC_0199 DSC_0203        DSC_0216 DSC_0450 DSC_0453


Christmas Art!

(December – 2015)

We made beautiful Christmas trees and snowmen during art. If you look closely you will see that we used snowflakes for the snowman’s head and body!

                              DSC_0215   DSC_0460


Clothes From The Past!

(November 2015)

First and Second Class brought in some of their baby clothes. Look how much they have grown!!!


The children also designed their own outfits during art, using different types of materials.



Wassily Kandinsky

(November – 2015)

The children in first and second class did a great job in creating Kandinsky style trees. They even used their own hand prints for the tree and branches!

               DSC_0129 DSC_0130


Active Week

First and second class have been super active this week! Everyday they have been running a certain amount of laps each day to try and reach the whole school target of 10k. The children also got the chance to show off their dance moves with Drop Everything and Dance initiative which saw the children getting up and dancing when different songs were played throughout the day! They further got to test their dance and rhythm skills when we went down to the hall for a Zumba class!!

11121044_10203194444582281_1653439044_n          11650951_10203194445342300_1334628858_n

First and Second Class School Tour 2015

The girls and boys enjoyed a great day on Monday when they visited the Watershed in Kilkenny for a day filled with sports and activities on their school tour!


Our Very Own Butterflies!!

In science we were learning about the lifecycle of the butterfly.

. Mac_Life_Cycle_Butterfly

First and second class were lucky enough to watch this metamorphism take place in their very own classroom when five tiny caterpillars arrived in our school during the second week in May! The caterpillars were placed out of direct sunlight and up high so they wouldn’t be too disturbed.


The caterpillars came with their own jelly like food at the bottom of the jar so we didn’t have to feed them! The caterpillars were obviously very hungry as we noticed them eating and eating and getting bigger before our very eyes!


We noticed the caterpillars starting to get ready to build their cocoons as they began to hang themselves from the top of the jar. After a few days we were amazed to see that all five caterpillars were wrapped up cosy in their cocoons! We had to make sure that the caterpillars were not shaken or moved during this time.


We did not have to wait too long as after about a week and a half in their chrysalis, we had two beautiful butterflies which emerged from the cocoons. There was great excitement in the classroom and the whole school with our new arrivals! The next day the remaining three butterflies also emerged from their cocoons. We fed the butterflies a sugar and water mixture (which we put on a tissue for them) and fresh flowers. We also gave them slices of apples and pieces of oranges which they really seem to enjoy. We will keep them in the classroom for a couple of days until their wings have strengthened and then we will release them on the same day as we raise our Green Flag in the school on the 12/06/15. We will be sad to see them go as it feels like they have been part of the class for the last few weeks!! We all enjoyed watching the life cycle of the butterfly happening first-hand!

11428542_10203151913639034_2057725299_n (1)

We had a class vote and decided on the names Flutter, Christina, Leafin, Crystal and Lily although it is hard to tell who is who!! ( except Flutter who is always fluttering her wings!)


Caterpillar Poem

In English we learned a poem about a caterpillar turning into a butterfly to integrate with our science about the Lifecycle of the Butterfly. The poem was an action poem which helped the children remember the different stages of .11262953_10203037050327523_356543662_n

I started as a tiny egg

Upon a leaf of green

And now I stay upon the leaf
So I will not be seen

Soon I’ll build a chrysalis
Upon a limb up high
I’ll stay a while and then come out
And be a butterfly


Vincent Van Gogh

The children in first and second class did a super job in recreating Van Gogh’s iconic painting of ‘Sunflowers’ using warm colours and oil pastels.




For drama we have been engaging in different drama games and activities based upon Pirates and their adventures. In one of our recent drama lessons there was mutiny on board where one of the pirates betrayed the captain of the ship. The loyal pirates of first and second class had to create Wanted posters to try and track down the unfaithful crew member.



Science – Plant growth

To show that sunlight, water and air were necessary for plant growth we set up an experiment where the children grew their own green beans ensuring that their beans had all of the necessary conditions. For the purpose of the experiment we then had other green beans which only received two of all of the necessary conditions e.g. air and sunlight but no water, air and water but no sunlight and finally sunlight and water but no air. The children are keeping a bean diary to show the results of their experiment!

 11225512_10202991577790738_1586766810_n                                                    11418240_10203151622471755_548655991_n


Our Reading Corner

The children in first and second class love to read! Every couple of days we have book recommenders who recommend books that they have read lately and enjoy.




Art in Mrs Duffs Classroom Term  1

First and second class have had some great fun exploring their creativity and imagination in Mrs Duff’s classroom during the first term. Have a look at some of their wonderful art……

They made snowmen using recyclable materials ( toilet roll holders and odd socks) , don’t they look great??

Mrs duff art 1 mrs duff art 2 mrs duff art 3 mrs duff art 4


Mrs Duff’s class also had great fun making a Christmas Scene with Christmas Trees , Snowflakes and snow.; a simple idea using some clever & creative cutting techniques.

mrs duff art Christmas Tree

Geansaí Nollaig

First and second class had great fun learning about Christmas traditions both in English and Irish. The children have noticed a lot of shops are stocking Christmas jumpers and decided to design their own “Geansaí Nollaig”. I think we can all agree that they look very festive indeed!! ;)


christmas jumper 5 christmas jumper 4 christmas jumper 3 christmas jumper 2


Balloon Painting

Earlier on in Term 1, Mrs Duff’s classed explored a different type of painting…….instead of using a brush , they used small blown up balloons to paint. They painted some lovely bright colourful pictures……have a look…..

balloon painting 1 balloon painting 2


Stick Men In Action

First and second class has great fun being creative with match sticks. They made stick men doing different activities, can you figure out what they are doing??………


stick men 1 stick men 2 stick men 3