Problem Solving Winners – Christmas 2015

Congratulations to all the children who won medals in our ‘Problem Solving Quiz’. Every Tuesday  and  Thursday the children take part in a maths table quiz, this is part of our school improvement plan. The quiz’s have resulted in a very high standard of mental maths and problem solving abilities amongst our students here in Kiltealy N.S.


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What is SIP?

The Department of Education have requested that all schools take part in a self evaluation programme whereby schools identify their strengths and weaknesses both in literacy and numeracy. As a result of these findings each school is required to develop their School Improvement Plan which outlines how they plan on improving overall performance in specific literacy and numeracy areas.

Kiltealy National School developed a School Improvement Plan to improve our children’s comprehension skills for the school year 2013/2014 . Please see attached  details of same:

Literacy plan

This year (2014/2015) our focus is on Numeracy. Having examined the results of our children’s scores in Maths, we realised that problem solving was an area that required further attention. Please see attached our School Improvement plan on Numeracy and our problem solving strategy. For further information on our problem solving strategy and results of same, please see “Numeracy” under “Initiatives”

Numeracy plan

Problem Solving