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Third and Fourth Classes had great fun planting vegetables in our school garden. We planted peas,potatoes, onions, lettuce, carrots and parsnips. Thank you to Mr. Hanrahan for teaching us how to sow the vegetables. We have lots of volunteers to go and water the vegetables every day!!!

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The children in Kiltealy thoroughly enjoyed a range of activities throughout Maths Week last week. Well done to all involved.

Some activities they engaged in are listed below.

  • The whole school took part in the Maths Problem Of The Day Challenge. These included- A Time Estimation Challenge, A Length Estimation Challenge and A Number Estimation Challenge. There were overall winners and class runners up for each problem.
  • A special round of their weekly Problem Solving Quiz with double the quiz questions and an opportunity to score double the points.
  • Some interactive whiteboard maths games. They got very competitive as they tried to not only beat each others scores but also beat the timer in multiplication, division, addition and subtraction games. 5th & 6th also played and Angle Alienation Game where they showed their skills and knowledge of angle degrees.
  • Outdoor Maths Trails were a great hit and we were lucky that the weather held up for this fun activity.
  • A fun day was had on Thursday when the children were quizzed on all their Maths knowledge to date. The final score count was extremely close in all age groups.
  • The children created some beautiful Maths art that is on display throughout the building.

Take a look below at all the fun that was had as well as all the winners receiving their prizes at Mondays assembly.


Runners up in the Time challenge-Tomás Murphy-5th & 6th, Alex Carroll-1st & 2nd and Anne-Marie Roche-Junior & Senior Infants

Absent from Photos-Aela Bowe who was the overall Winner of The Time Challenge


Joint winners of The Length Estimation Challenge: Cillian Hanrahan and Noel Cowman 5th & 6th Class


Runners up of the Length Estimation Challenge: Aimee Neville and Aisling O’Brien-3rd and 4th Class, Bobby Watchorn-1st &2nd Class and Anne-Marie Roche-Junior & Senior Infants


Winner of the Number Estimation Challenge: Steven Kavanagh 5th & 6th Class


Runners up of The number Estimation Challenge: Róisín Dwyer 3rd & 4th class, Aimee Bowe and Kayla Grogan-1st & 2nd Class and Paul Armstrong Junior & Senior Infants


Winners of the Infant Room Quiz: The Green Team- Fionn Waters, Ryan Bowe, Hannah Watchorn and Róisín Jordan


Winners of the 1st & 2nd Class Quiz: The Fantastic Kids- Ciara Doyle, Robert, Niamh Healy and Bobby Watchorn


Winners of the 3rd & 4th Class Quiz: The Rocking Calculators-Ellie Watchorn, Tiernen Hanrahan, Niamh Armstrong and Róisín Dwyer


Winners of the 5th & 6th Class Senior Quiz: Fraction Attraction-Danny Fitzhenry, Dylan Purcell, Tomás Murphy and Padraig Waters


Tangram Fun 3rd & 4th


Tangram Fun 3rd & 4th


Tangram Fun 3rd & 4th


Tangram Fun 3rd & 4th


Tangram Fun 3rd & 4th


Interactive Whiteboard Maths Games in 5th & 6th


Interactive Whiteboard Maths Games in 5th & 6th


Lego Fun

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All Classes really enjoyed having the bricks for kids team in our school. The children and teachers enjoyed building Lego models.



Screenshot_20160609-223021Screenshot_20160609-223011Screenshot_20160609-223008Screenshot_20160609-223130  Screenshot_20160609-222937 Screenshot_20160609-222945 Screenshot_20160609-223003 Screenshot_20160609-223008 Screenshot_20160609-223011Screenshot_20160609-222933











(Posted 9/6/16)

Whistle blown,sun shining and teams ready.Welcome to our Sports Day.

Nine teams assembled,each with their lucky mascot.

P1010223 P1010222 P1010220 P1010219 P1010216 P1010215P1010483


The day began with  relay races – running relay, ball relay, wheelbarrow relay,, t-shirt relay,, mini hurl relay, frog relay and human relay.

P1010249P1010250 P1010254 P1010253 P1010252 P1010251 P1010260 P1010259 P1010258 P1010255 P1010261 P1010267 P1010266 P1010265 P1010268 P1010272 P1010270 P1010269 P1010276 P1010275 P1010273 P1010277 P1010279 P1010284 P1010280 P1010288 P1010287 P1010286 P1010285 P1010289 P1010290 P1010292 P1010293 P1010300 P1010299 P1010298 P1010296 P1010294

Congratulations to the winners of the best mascot-the Purple and Red teams.



Well done to the Purple team,the overall team winner.Find below the photograph of our proud winners of Captain of the Day.Well done lads.



Due time for a rest.

P1010363 P1010361 P1010350 P1010359

A big thank you to the parents who organised ice-cream for all the pupils.


The stations were an important part of our day.

P1010314 P1010313 P1010310 P1010315 P1010318 P1010308

The afternoon was busy  with group games , a   hurling blitz and the confirmed favourite-the teachers versus the students Tug of War .  The sixth class will happily update you on the winners of the Tug of War.  It was a busy but fun filled day.We hope you enjoyed our photographs.

(Posted June 2016)

The 5th and 6th class students were busy preparing for the sacrament of Confirmation. We hope you enjoy their wonderful art work.


(Posted  2nd  June 2016)

Best wishes to  5th and 6th class for their Confirmation on Friday 3rd June.