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Whistle blown,sun shining and teams ready. Welcome to our Sports Day.

Nine teams assembled,each with their lucky mascot.

P1000394  P1000352 P1000349 P1000344 P1000342 P1000341 P1000339 P1000336 P1000330


The day began with  relay races – running relay, ball relay, wheelbarrow relay, t-shirt relay, mini hurl relay, frog relay and human relay.

P1000345 P1000347 P1000350 P1000351 P1000354 P1000355 P1000357 P1000358 P1000361 P1000362 P1000364 P1000365 P1000367 P1000368 P1000373 P1000374 P1000375 P1000376 P1000378 P1000379 P1000382 P1000386 P1000387 P1000389 P1000390


Next, we had stations!

P1000395 P1000396 P1000397 P1000398 P1000399 P1000400 P1000401 P1000402 P1000406 P1000407 P1000408 P1000409 P1000410 P1000411 P1000412 P1000413 P1000414 P1000415 P1000416


Next we had tug of war!!!

P1000417 P1000418 P1000419 P1000420 P1000421 P1000422 P1000423 P1000424 P1000425 P1000426 P1000427 P1000428 P1000429 P1000430 P1000431 P1000433 P1000434


And the winners are………

1st Place: The Red Team


2nd Place: The Blue Team


3rd Place: The Yellow Team


Best Mascot: The White Team


Best Vice Captain: Katie Bowe


Best Captain: Emma Healy


A big thank you to the parents who organised ice-cream for all the pupils

P1000444 P1000445 P1000446 P1000447 P1000448 P1000449 P1000450 P1000451

Finally we had a hurling blitz and parachute games!!!

P1000452 P1000453 P1000454 P1000459 P1000462 P1000463 P1000464 P1000466 P1000467 P1000468 P1000469 P1000470






Board Of Management meeting 26th June

A meeting took place on Monday 26th June and the next meeting will take place on Tues 19th Sept.


* Pupils will take place in Sing out Loud 2017, in the Wexford Opera House.

*Congratulations to Ms.Danielle O Neill on her permanent position in Kiltealy N.S.

*Thanks to Elizabeth Teehan for her many years dedication to our pupils.

*Best of luck to our 6th Class who are graduating this June.

*Split the Pot will continue for the summer, thank you for your constant support of our school.

*Congratulations to our pupils and staff on our recent Rackard League success and celebrations.

*Congratulations to our former pupil Colin Bowe and Barry O Neill- Champion Point to point trainer and jockey.


A massive well done and congratulations to our pupils from 3rd – 6th who took part in the Sing Out Loud Concert in Wexford Opera House on November 19th.

Many thanks to the teachers for their time and effort in preparing the pupils and accompanying them to the weekend show.

It was a fantastic experience for all involved and parents enjoyed a thrilling show!!

Some pictures from rehearsals below!!


Well done to all pupils and teachers who in recent weeks were busy crafting and making special treats for the Christmas Craft Fair.

Many thanks to our newly formed Parents Association who looked after our stand for the day.

And a final thanks to all who visited our stand and supported us by making purchases.

5th & 6th class photos!!!


Our Santa Sweet Treats-a tedious but enjoyable task!!

20171124_120804[1] 20171124_121415[1] 20171124_121454[1] 20171124_121514[1] 20171124_121605[1] 20171124_121614[1] 20171124_123012[1]

And below….hand-painting our ornaments!


Related image




5th & 6th made their own GAA stencils and sponge painted the Wexford  and Duffry colours over them. The then peeled away the stencils and were left with a these fantastic GAA Logos!!!

P1020414 P1020413 P1020410 P1020411 P1020412 P1020407 P1020408 P1020409 P1020406

Both the Hurlers and Camogie Players lifting the cups in Patrick’s Park.

20170531_202300(0) 20170531_203902 20170531_214345 20170531_214401

Our two captains on the night



Celebrations in Kiltealy NS the next day!!!

 20170601_132600 20170601_132934 20170601_132941 20170601_133525 20170601_133722 20170601_135412 20170601_135419

Some inspirational viewing: 5th & 6th watch the ever inspirational Tommy Walsh of Kilkenny on Laochra Gael

20170601_143201 20170601_141831

Congratulations to the 5th & 6th class pupils on an outstanding performance in the recent Schools Football Blitz in Coolree. There were 6 teams presetn on the day. Kiltealy topped the table on points by the end of the 5th round having won four of their games and drawing just one against near rivals Caim. they met came again in the A final but unfortunately lost our to a good Caim side. Kiltealy were gracious as ever in defeat.

Well done to all involved and a big thank you to Jim Copper for attending on the day as part of our GAA management team.

Jim presented the runner-up medals to the Kiltealy Team the next morning during their weekly training session.



20170616_100757 20170616_100805

Congratulations to all who took part in the recent Co. Wexford Primary School Sports Day held in Enniscorthy Sports Hub.

Our big winner on the day was Dannan Long who won gold in the U12 high jump competition. This is a huge achievement and we are all very proud of Dannan.

All competitors put in great performances and we were unlucky not to qualify to the finals in a number of events.

20170614_123259(0) 20170614_123312(1)

 20170614_153609 20170614_153613

A great time was had by all on our recent school tour. 3rd-6th classes descended on Dublin for the day. First stop was Dublin Zoo. We had fabulous weather while there. We then traveled on to Croke Park for a guided tour. The pupils thoroughly enjoyed visiting the dressing rooms and and players lounge.

Dublin Zoo

20170608_111247 20170608_112755 20170608_113707 20170608_113729 20170608_113805 20170608_115027

20170608_115055 20170608_115109

Photo Fun

20170608_115745 20170608_115832 20170608_115933

20170608_120551 20170608_121257 20170608_121616 20170608_121624 20170608_121847 20170608_122158 20170608_122124 20170608_122022 20170608_123714(0) 20170608_123814 20170608_124255

Croke Park

20170608_150111 20170608_150124 20170608_150142 20170608_150336 20170608_150215 20170608_150204 20170608_150833 20170608_151218 20170608_152001 20170608_152246 20170608_152545 20170608_152601 20170608_152711 20170608_160234 20170608_163910 20170608_163913

Active Week – Day 5 – Outdoor & Adventure

Today is our last day of Active Week and we focused on Outdoor & Adventure activities. We worked in groups, reading maps and finding different tags around the school. The children showed great team work and communication skills and had lots of fun along the way. Here are some photos or our adventures!

3rd & 4th Class

P1020242 P1020243 P1020244 P1020245 P1020246 P1020247 P1020248 P1020249 P1020250 P1020251

Whole School Running Initiative!  

The whole school are taking part in a fun running initiative. The children are running from Malin Head to Mizen Head plotting their journey along the way. This is a whole school initiative with a fun interactive notice board to plot their journey. The classes enjoy pin pointing where exactly they are on the map. There are a number of main towns marked on the map which they have to go through before they reach their final destination, Mizen Head. The whole school love working in their class groups to get as far as they can along the route.

P1020150 P1020151 P1020152 P1020153 P1020154 P1020155 P1020156

 P1020163 P1020162 P1020160 P1020159 P1020157

Active Week – Day 4 – Dance

Today we focused on the Dance strand. We danced to music using the interactive whiteboard. We danced along to go noodle and just dance for kids! Then we made up dance moves in groups to a certain songs and performed to for other classes. It was great fun! Here are some pictures of the kids in action! 🙂

3rd & 4th Class

P1020214 P1020216 P1020217 P1020218 P1020219 P1020221 P1020223 P1020224 P1020225 P1020227 P1020228 P1020230 P1020231 P1020232 P1020233 P1020234 P1020235 P1020241