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Our Energy Rap created by 5th & 6th Class Pupils

Energy Rap

We’ve got one flag, We want one more,

Lets get to work, its not a big chore.

Lets try to stop wasting energy,

By using less electricity.

We need to decrease our usage in light,

Our classroom doesn’t need to be so bright.

TAYTO is our motto-not the Crisp,

Turn All Your Things Off-there’s a good tip!!

Last Out Lights Off-LOLO’s what we say,

We chant this as we’re going out to play

Shut the door!

We’ll say no more!! (mic drop)

An Active School meeting was held on 13/02/17.It was confirmed that the 10@10 was a great success and it will be done again in the coming weeks.

The Active School Committee shared ideas on Active Lines,Active Breaks and Active School Tours.Active Homework was discussed.The “Drop Everything And Dance” initiative is to begin in all classes.The committee reminded us to keep an eye on the active notice board for details on the school run.Children will aim to run from Malin Head to Mizen Head,between now and the end of the school year.

Well done to all the boys and girls who participated in the 10@10 this morning.

Primary schools all over the country got up and moving this morning as part of a country wide initiative called 10@10.  The 10@10 is an Operation Transformation initiative to get children to do 10 minutes of exercise at 10 am during the RTÉ One series and to continue the mini-workout into the future.

The popular lifestyle programme is celebrating its tenth year making this morning’s workout, that is happening in primary schools nationwide, all the more special.

The boys and girls in our school were divided into mixed aged groups with children from each class. The children who are on the Active Schools Committee were the leaders of each group. They had to guide the younger children and ensure that their team stayed together and kept moving!!!

P1010909 P1010908 P1010907 P1010905

We set up six stations with a leader at each station explaining what to do. To begin with we did a short warm up and when the whistle blew, we got started. We spent 1 and 1/2 minutes at each station. Once the whistle blew we moved again! We even had music to add to the fun!

Station 1: Running, side steps, high knees and heel kicks!

P1010942 P1010913

Station 2: Hula hooping!

P1010925 P1010927


Station 3: Squats, squat jumps, squat punches!

P1010923 P1010922 P1010921 P1010920

Station 4: Skipping!

P1010937 P1010936 P1010933 P1010932 P1010931  P1010929 P1010911

Station 5: Jumping jacks, scissor jumps and hip jumps!


Station 6: Exercises with Jim and Keith!

P1010914 P1010916 P1010918

Congratalutions to Oran Bowe who won   213 euro in Split The Pot  on 6/2/17.

Thank you for your continued support of this fundraiser.

The boys and girls in 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th class were busy making St. Brigid’s Crosses out of rushes. They worked in pairs following the steps and they did a great job! Well done! Thanks to all who brought in rushes.

P1010892 P1010893 P1010895  P1010897 P1010899 P1010688

The pupils of Kiltealy National School were busy preparing for Grandparent’s Day and Saint Brigid’s Day. All off the pupils made St. Brigid Crosses and completed project work on St. Brigid. Poetry and art work for Grandparents was also completed and put on display.

Mass was celebrated on 3/02/17, for Grandparents and St Brigid. The mass was prepared by 3rd and 4th class, who worked on the theme, readings, prayers of the faithful and offertory procession. Music and choir was provided by the 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th class.

Refreshments were provided in Kiltealy School after the celebration. Grandparents and families enjoyed a cup of tea while looking at the pupils work and chatting to staff.


Children returning from Mass                                                                                Preparation for tea

P1010693 P1010692 P1010691 P1010690 P1010692 P1010691 P1010690


Pupils enjoying change of  routine,during Grandparent’s Day.

P1010686 P1010686 P1010684 P1010683 P1010688 P1010695 P1010696

P1010900 P1010902 P1010688

Here are some examples of the pupils work.


Spring is here.