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2o Years Celebration

Congratulations to Mary O’Brien who recently celebrated 20 years as secretary here in Kiltealy NS. Always so helpful and giving of her time, we hope she enjoyed the well deserved marking of this special occasion. Here’s to many more years with us.


 Hurling News!

Hurling with Jim Cooper and Jim Hanrahan has started back on Thursdays!

Check out our new Aldi Rugby bibs! Thanks again to everyone who collects the Aldi Rugby stickers. We receive resources for our school with every poster we fill so keep collecting!

IMG_20200227_095043 IMG_20200227_095001

Living Arts Programme Comes to an End!

Unfortunately the Living Arts Programme has come to an end. We have really enjoyed the past 14 weeks working with Mary-Claire and Anne. We are looking forward to seeing our work on display in the coming months. Until then, here are some of the projects that we have done over the past while. Enjoy!

Living Arts – Collage Faces!


Living Arts – Puppet Show!

IMG_20200131_112508IMG_20200131_112717_1IMG_20200131_112536IMG_20200131_112616IMG_20200131_112442 IMG_20200131_112655_1IMG_20200131_105554IMG_20200131_105046IMG_20200131_112211IMG_20200131_105814IMG_20200131_105313IMG_20200131_111938IMG_20200131_105621IMG_20200131_112022IMG_20200131_105109IMG_20200131_112351IMG_20200131_105913IMG_20200131_105410


Living Arts – Puppet Show Backgrounds

IMG_20200124_114652 IMG_20200124_114702 IMG_20200124_114713 IMG_20200124_114724 IMG_20200124_114745 IMG_20200124_114810

Living Arts – Tinfoil Figures

IMG_20200117_105631 IMG_20200117_105705 IMG_20200117_105724 IMG_20200117_114458    IMG_20200131_104717_1


Living Arts – Puppets!

IMG_20191122_114507 IMG_20191122_114458 IMG_20191122_114514 IMG_20191122_114450


IMG_20191213_114505 IMG_20191213_114143 IMG_20191213_114055 IMG_20191213_114452 IMG_20191213_114209_1


Living Arts – Picasso Clay Faces!

IMG_20191129_115842 IMG_20191129_113800 IMG_20191129_115859 IMG_20191129_115852

IMG_20200117_115934 IMG_20200117_115936

Living Arts – Print Making!

IMG_20191108_105125 IMG_20191108_120305 IMG_20191108_120301 IMG_20191108_120341 IMG_20191108_120357

Living Arts – Collage Pictures!

IMG_20191018_111935 IMG_20191018_112004 IMG_20191018_112006 IMG_20191018_114043 IMG_20191018_111940 IMG_20191018_114040 IMG_20191018_111946 IMG_20191018_113823 IMG_20191018_113601 IMG_20191018_114655 IMG_20191018_112013 IMG_20191018_114450 IMG_20191018_112020 IMG_20191018_114228

Our Friday Living Arts Programme for  pupils from 1st – 4th class will come to an end on Friday 7th February. The children have had a really enjoyable experience and have produced some wonderful artistic creations. A selection of the children’s work will be exhibited in The Arts Centre in Wexford for month long period.

All children, parents and teacher are invited and encouraged to attend a special opening of the exhibition on Saturday the 28th March at 3pm. The exhibition will then run from March 30th until May 2nd and children can revisit the centre if they wish during this time.

A school trip is organised for Wednesday April 1st where the children will visit the Wexford County Council Art Collection and the Arts Centre to look at their living arts exhibition in detail with their tutors Mary Claire and Ann . They will also engage in an art lesson on the day.

Many thanks to Mary-Claire and Ann for all their hard work over the past few months. Thanks to Wexford Co.Co. and The Arts Centre for supporting this project.

20200117_134436[1] 20200117_133901[1] 20200117_134423[1] 20200117_134105[1] 20200117_134003[1] 20200117_133924[1]

Our committee had a visit from our Travel Officer Jennifer Cooney today. They carried out a walkability audit of our village to highlight the positives and negatives of our route to school. They also took note of the various modes of transport that use the route and whether they considered them to be driving too fast. It was a very insightful experience for our committee.

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