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Science Week!

Friday: We took our experiments outside today! Diet coke and mentos! Watch out everyone!

IMG_20191115_131901 IMG_20191115_132336 IMG_20191115_132335 IMG_20191115_132329 sdr IMG_20191115_131948 IMG_20191115_132052 IMG_20191115_132336_1 IMG_20191115_131901

Thursday: We made bubble prints using paint, water and washing up liquid!

IMG_20191114_144453 IMG_20191114_143949 IMG_20191114_144416 IMG_20191114_144152 IMG_20191114_143923 IMG_20191114_143912 IMG_20191114_144506

Wednesday: We made slime using corn flower and water! Time to get messy!

IMG_20191113_120040 IMG_20191113_115219 IMG_20191113_120100 IMG_20191113_113648 IMG_20191113_121326 IMG_20191113_115146 IMG_20191113_120604 IMG_20191113_120101

Tuesday: We measured how far marbles travelled on different surfaces using ramps at different angles.

IMG_20191112_122752 IMG_20191112_131515 IMG_20191112_135236 IMG_20191112_122704 IMG_20191112_122751 IMG_20191112_122733 IMG_20191112_122643 IMG_20191112_131822 IMG_20191112_122632 IMG_20191112_131633

Monday: The nutty scientists taught us all about solids, liquids and gases!

IMG_20191111_115925 IMG_20191111_121811 IMG_20191111_121817 IMG_20191111_121936 IMG_20191111_114309 IMG_20191111_121835 IMG_20191111_115414 IMG_20191111_121803 IMG_20191111_114330 IMG_20191111_121755 IMG_20191111_122535 IMG_20191111_122404 IMG_20191111_121827 IMG_20191111_122422 IMG_20191111_122418


Well done to everyone who collected the aldi rugby stickers! We filled four posters this year! Fingers crossed!


Kiltealy National School Photo (1)

Our Sing Out Loud Group 2019
3rd-6th Classes
We are really looking forward to our performance in The National Opera House on November 12th

1st -3rd class are really enjoying their living arts workshop. The aim of the project is to provide children with an understanding of contemporary visual art. The pupils will work with 2 artists and have the opportunity to experiment with a wide range of art materials and media. Their art works will be included in an end-of-project exhibition in April 2020 at Wexford Arts Centre.

20191004_142054[1] 20191004_142039[1] 20191004_142028[1] 20191004_142017[1] 20191004_142010[1]

Art 1Art 2art 3

art 4

art 5

art 6





3rd-6th classes are really enjoying their ukulele and song singing lessons. They have great rhythm and are picking up the chords really well. The progression to date is great and we are only a few weeks in. Fantastic things to come!!

All our classes are busy engaging in all things maths this week. From maths trails to maths art and quizzes to problem solving. The pupils are putting their mathematical skills to great use and challenging themselves in a fun and enjoyable way.



Problem of the Day

Some of our 3rd & 4th class winners of Problem of the Day, Maths Week.

Maths Weekmaths 5

maths 6

maths wee 4

Maths week 2

maths week 3

Maths Week

Maths Week

For School Self Evaluation we are focusing on handwriting and creative arts. Well done to this months handwriting winners your teachers and parents are very proud of you. ✏✏


1st & 2nd class learned all about houses . They spotted all types of houses and other buildings around the village! walk

Our Parents’ Association AGM will be held on Thursday 17th October at 7.30pm in Kiltealy Hall, all parents are invited to attendPA.

After our first lesson we were all strumming away… everyone concentrating very hard to pick up the cords…its not as easy as it looks but it definitely feels good to learn a new skill music

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