Problem Solving Strategy

The Department of Education issued guidelines to all schools advising them to focus on improving numeracy and literacy on a 2 year cycle. Last year Kiltealy N.S worked on improving our comprehension strategies to help improve our children’s literacy skills. Therefore this year we have looked at numeracy and decided to work on improving the children’s problem solving skills. In order to do so the whole school has adopted the RUDE approach to Problem Solving.

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Numeracy plan

Problem Solving

We decided that each class would be divided into groups for each term and would part take in a table quiz every Tuesday and Thursday for approximately 10 minutes. Each child in the group is provided with a role, e.g  – read the question, underline the key words, draw a picture to illustrate the problem and answer the question. All children work together to understand the problem and ascertain how to solve the problem. A winning team is selected each day and receives 3 stars, whilst the runner up gets awarded with 2 stars. At the end of the term  the winning team in each classroom is announced and then the overall winners in the school, i.e the team that received the most stars.

Congratulations to everyone for working together as a team in improving your problem solving skills.

Here are our overall winners “The Maths Starters”  for Term 1 who were presented with medals.

problem solvers

Problem Solving Quiz- Christmas 2015

Congratulations to all the children who won medals in our ‘Problem Solving Quiz’. Every Tuesday  and  Thursday the children take part in a maths table quiz, this is part of our school improvement plan. The quiz’s have resulted in a very high standard of mental maths and problem solving abilities amongst our students here in Kiltealy N.S.


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