Obstacle Course – 5th & 6th Class

P.E. Plan for 2017/2018




  • All students are provided with one hour timetables PE per week, as a minimum.
  • All teachers use the PSSI lesson plans to guide their delivery of the Primary P.E. Curriculum.


  • Our school ensures that children with special needs can play a full role in all PE opportunities – all equipment are labelled with both words and pictures.


  • Every child’s progress in PE is discussed with parents and parent/teacher meeting.
  • Feedback about progress in Physical Education is included in annual school reports.
  • Our school undertakes a PE equipment audit once a year, disposing of old and broken equipment.
  • Our school has adequate, age appropriate equipment to teach all of the PE strands.
  • Our PE equipment and resources are clearly labelled, well organised and easily accessible.

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  • Our school makes maximum use of the PE equipment available to us.


PE strand for development 2016/2017: Gymnastics + Outdoor & Adventure

Staff Courses 2016/2017:

– Gymnastics

– Sports Day

– Yoga

– PE in the classroom