Well done to 5th and 6th class for their very creative projects this year. Its a long standing tradition in our school and its great to see the enthusiasm and creativity continued.

1st went to-

P1030231 (Copy)



Joined 2nd went to –

P1030233 (Copy)

3rd went to Ryan Carroll who was absent from photos.

4rd went to-

P1030234 (Copy)

Joined 5th went to 5th and 6th class for the top effort they all put into their projects!

P1030235 (Copy)

Well done to all involved who help make it such an exciting and fun event.

Well done to all our problem solvers from this term.

Juniors and Seniors top problem solvers.

P1030225 (Copy)


1st and second class top problem solvers.

P1030226 (Copy)


3rd and 4th class top problem solvers.

P1030228 (Copy)


5th and 6th class top problem solvers.

P1030230 (Copy)



Great work, lots more to look forward to next year.

Well done to ALL our Funky Kids! We had two great nights of entertainment and fun. Thank you to all involved without whom it would not have been the success it was. Well done and thank you especially to Denis and Olivia. We look forward to seeing you again in two years.

Ready and waiting:

P1030177 (Copy)   P1030176 (Copy)

P1030180 (Copy) P1030179 (Copy) P1030178 (Copy)

P1030181 (Copy)


Juniors and Seniors:

P1030188 (Copy)

Juniors and Seniors with Fifth and Sixth class:

P1030189 (Copy)P1030190 (Copy)


First and Second:

P1030186 (Copy)  P1030185 (Copy)

P1030187 (Copy)

There is a singer amongst us!

P1030192 (Copy)

P1030191 (Copy)P1030193 (Copy)

P1030196 (Copy)


Third and Fourth:

P1030182 (Copy)P1030182 (Copy) P1030183 (Copy) P1030184 (Copy)      P1030197 (Copy)

Fifth and Sixth:

P1030198 (Copy) P1030199 (Copy) P1030200 (Copy) P1030201 (Copy) P1030202 (Copy) P1030203 (Copy) P1030204 (Copy) P1030205 (Copy) P1030206 (Copy) P1030207 (Copy)


Baby Shark!

P1030208 (Copy) P1030210 (Copy) P1030211 (Copy) P1030212 (Copy) P1030213 (Copy) P1030214 (Copy) P1030215 (Copy) P1030216 (Copy) P1030217 (Copy)



Congratulations to all the students in Kitlealy NS who made a great contribution to the Christmas shoebox appeal. Team Hope – Give your Christmas shoe box right into the hands of some of the world’s most vulnerable children, many of whom receive no other gift this Christmas. For some, it’s the first gift they have ever received.

Many thanks to the parents, teachers and pupils, who in conjunction with the transition year students in FCJ Bunclody have helped to make this possible again this year.

P1030123 P1030125 P1030128 P1030131

Witch Walk…

P1030005 (Copy) P1030006 (Copy) P1030007 (Copy) P1030008 (Copy) P1030009 (Copy) P1030010 (Copy) P1030011 (Copy) P1030012 (Copy) P1030013 (Copy) P1030014 (Copy) P1030015 (Copy) P1030016 (Copy) P1030017 (Copy) P1030018 (Copy) P1030019 (Copy) P1030020 (Copy) P1030021 (Copy) P1030022 (Copy) P1030023 (Copy) P1030024 (Copy) P1030025 (Copy) P1030026 (Copy) P1030029 (Copy) P1030032 (Copy) P1030033 (Copy) P1030034 (Copy) P1030035 (Copy) P1030036 (Copy) P1030037 (Copy) P1030038 (Copy) P1030039 (Copy) P1030040 (Copy) P1030041 (Copy) P1030042 (Copy) P1030043 (Copy) P1030044 (Copy) P1030045 (Copy) P1030046 (Copy)

Halloween Assembly

P1020991 (Copy) P1020992 (Copy) P1020997 (Copy)

Best Dressed Teachers! :)

Congratulations to Ms. Cooper and Ms. O’Neill

P1030004 (Copy)

Kiltealy N.S. have been creating some spooky art for Halloween…

Have a look!

 Creepy Spiders – 1st & 2nd Class

P1030076 (Copy) P1030075 (Copy)

Wicked Witches – 1st & 2nd Class

P1030089 (Copy) P1030090 (Copy)

Halloween Sky – 3rd & 4th Class

P1030077 (Copy) P1030078 (Copy) P1030079 (Copy)

Spooky Owls – 3rd & 4th Class

P1030080 (Copy) P1030081 (Copy) P1030082 (Copy)

Anti-Bullying Week – 22nd-26th October

Well done to the pupils who won the Anti-Bullying Poster Competition!


P1020999 (Copy)

1st & 2nd Class

P1030001 (Copy)

3rd & 4th Class

P1030002 (Copy)

5th & 6th Class

P1030003 (Copy)

From the 15th – 19th of October we celebrated Maths Week here in Kiltealy N.S.

We did lots of fun activities during Maths week for example shape art, problem solving, maths quizzes, maths trails, problem of the day, figure me out and much, much more…

Problem of the day winners:

1st & 2nd Class

P1020993 (Copy)

3rd & 4th Class

P1020995 (Copy) P1020996 (Copy)

5th & 6th Class

P1020998 (Copy)

Shape Art – 1st & 2nd Class

P1030087 (Copy) P1030088 (Copy)

Figure Me Out – 1st & 2nd Class

P1030084 (Copy) P1030085 (Copy) P1030086 (Copy)

Maths quiz – 1st&2nd class

DSC_1564 DSC_1565

Lines and Angles – 3rd & 4th Class

P1030083 (Copy)

Maths Trail – Infants & 1st & 2nd Class

DSC_1553 DSC_1554

DSC_1549 DSC_1548 DSC_1551 DSC_1550 DSC_1552 DSC_1544 DSC_1546 DSC_1545 DSC_1547

The Life Cycle of an Oak Tree

1st & 2nd class learned all about the Life Cycle of an Oak Tree.

They also looked at other types of trees, their leaves and seeds.

Well done to all the boys and girls who brought in lots of items for our nature table.

P1020950 (Copy) P1020951 (Copy) P1020952 (Copy) P1020953 (Copy) P1020954 (Copy) P1020955 (Copy) P1020956 (Copy) P1020957 (Copy) P1020958 (Copy)

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