We are now enrolling for September 2020.

Application forms are available from the school office or can be sent out to you by phoning 053 9255446

Alternatively the form can be downloaded from the link below.

Please return forms on or before Friday 31st January 2020.

If you require any more information please contact the school office on the above number to make an appointment to meet with the Principal, Ms. Maeve Duff.



Happy Christmas Everyone!

IMG_20191220_102731 IMG_20191220_103926 IMG_20191220_103050 IMG_20191220_103721 IMG_20191220_103632 IMG_20191220_110813 IMG_20191220_103031 IMG_20191220_110821 IMG_20191220_103538 IMG_20191220_104058 IMG_20191220_110745 IMG_20191220_110810 IMG_20191220_102921 IMG_20191220_104055 IMG_20191220_103517 IMG_20191220_103728 IMG_20191220_110531 IMG_20191220_102754 IMG_20191220_102835 IMG_20191220_103454 IMG_20191220_102742 IMG_20191220_102752 IMG_20191220_103338 IMG_20191220_102731 IMG_20191220_103319 IMG_20191220_110901_1 IMG_20191220_103257 IMG_20191220_103111


Santa came to visit us!

Junior & Senior Infants

IMG_20191220_104853 IMG_20191220_104818 IMG_20191220_104840 IMG_20191220_104738 IMG_20191220_104804 IMG_20191220_104914 IMG_20191220_104601 IMG_20191220_104644 IMG_20191220_104913


1st & 2nd Class

IMG_20191220_105141 IMG_20191220_105159 IMG_20191220_105137 IMG_20191220_105104 IMG_20191220_105119 IMG_20191220_105051 IMG_20191220_105231 IMG_20191220_105250 IMG_20191220_105208


3rd & 4th Class

IMG_20191220_105443 IMG_20191220_105607_1 IMG_20191220_105541 IMG_20191220_105527 IMG_20191220_105502 IMG_20191220_105513

5th & 6th Class

IMG_20191220_105818 IMG_20191220_105833 IMG_20191220_105950 IMG_20191220_105801 IMG_20191220_105953 IMG_20191220_105926 IMG_20191220_105903 IMG_20191220_105908 IMG_20191220_105844


Thanks again to everybody who collected the aldi rugby stickers. We filled four posters and as a result we received four rugby packs which contained amazing resources for our school. We got new rugby balls, ball bags, markers, ladders, tag rugby sets, hurdles, gear bags and cones.


Science Week!

Friday: We took our experiments outside today! Diet coke and mentos! Watch out everyone!

IMG_20191115_131901 IMG_20191115_132336 IMG_20191115_132335 IMG_20191115_132329 sdr IMG_20191115_131948 IMG_20191115_132052 IMG_20191115_132336_1 IMG_20191115_131901

Thursday: We made bubble prints using paint, water and washing up liquid!

IMG_20191114_144453 IMG_20191114_143949 IMG_20191114_144416 IMG_20191114_144152 IMG_20191114_143923 IMG_20191114_143912 IMG_20191114_144506

Wednesday: We made slime using corn flower and water! Time to get messy!

IMG_20191113_120040 IMG_20191113_115219 IMG_20191113_120100 IMG_20191113_113648 IMG_20191113_121326 IMG_20191113_115146 IMG_20191113_120604 IMG_20191113_120101

Tuesday: We measured how far marbles travelled on different surfaces using ramps at different angles.

IMG_20191112_122752 IMG_20191112_131515 IMG_20191112_135236 IMG_20191112_122704 IMG_20191112_122751 IMG_20191112_122733 IMG_20191112_122643 IMG_20191112_131822 IMG_20191112_122632 IMG_20191112_131633

Monday: The nutty scientists taught us all about solids, liquids and gases!

IMG_20191111_115925 IMG_20191111_121811 IMG_20191111_121817 IMG_20191111_121936 IMG_20191111_114309 IMG_20191111_121835 IMG_20191111_115414 IMG_20191111_121803 IMG_20191111_114330 IMG_20191111_121755 IMG_20191111_122535 IMG_20191111_122404 IMG_20191111_121827 IMG_20191111_122422 IMG_20191111_122418


Well done to everyone who collected the aldi rugby stickers! We filled four posters this year! Fingers crossed!


Kiltealy National School Photo (1)

Our Sing Out Loud Group 2019
3rd-6th Classes
We are really looking forward to our performance in The National Opera House on November 12th

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