Toy Show Ready!

All the boys and girls were super excited for The Late Late Toy Show! Here are some of the 5th and 6th Class children with some treats to enjoy while watching it. Enjoy everyone!

5th & 6th Class

The boys and girls in 5th and 6th were solving Tangram puzzles this month in Maths.

RSA – 1st & 2nd Class

Seatbelt Sheriff & Hi-Glo Silver awards!

Science Week in 1st & 2nd Class!

Science Week in 3rd & 4th Class

Science Week in 5th & 6th Class

County Board Football Coaching

Football coaching has returned and the children are loving it!

Halloween Fun!

Fancy dress, artwork, witch walk and Halloween games!

1st & 2nd Class – Print Making

Print making with Tunde Toth as part of Creative Schools

3rd & 4th – Print Making

Print making with Tunde Toth as part of Creative Schools

5th & 6th – Print Making

Print making with Tunde Toth as part of Creative Schools

Maths Week – Problem Solving Winners

Junior and Senior Infants

We painted pumpkins and made bales for our Autumn Aistear theme.

1st and 2nd Class

We learned all about the life cycle of an oat tree. We collected lots of Autumn leaves and learned how to identify them.

3rd and 4th Class

We learned all about the Dutch artist Piet Mondrian. He is best know for his abstract paintings. We used colours, shapes and textures to create these beautiful pieces of artwork.

5th and 6th Class

We created personalised t-shirts based on the work of artist, Piet Mondrian.


Well done to all of our pupils who continue to follow our new routines. Keep up the great work!

Schools Displays!

Junior Infants – 1st day of school!!!

Our 2 year Creative Schools Programme was due to come to an end in June 2020. Due to Covid closures we missed out on some of our final projects. We have been allocated an additional 4 days this term in order to complete some projects.

All classes, Juniors – 6th Class are currently preparing a time capsule project.

The infant room will design and paint some lovely fairy doors for our school garden.

1st-6th classes will take part in print making over 2 sessions.

Keep an eye on our website for some photos of our wonderful creations over the next few weeks.

A Board of Management meeting was held on Tuesday 29th September. The following updates have been issued.

  • Sacraments-First Confession will take place on Thursday, 11th March, 2021 at 7pm, Communion will take place on Saturday, 15th May, 2021 at 11am.
  • All teachers have upskilled and trained for the use of Seesaw as an online platform to further facilitate remote learning should the need arise.
  • A Revolutionary Individualised Spelling Programme for Primary School Children “Spellings for Me” is currently being implemented in the school.
  • GAA Coaching and Music Generation to resume in October.
  • Radon Mitigation Works and Boiler Works have been completed in the school in recent months.
  • The Department has issued us with a new broadband provider which has greatly increased the speed of our connection.
  • Policies-Child Protection Policy/Child Safeguarding Statement reviewed and ratified. (See in Policy Section on website)
  • Anti-Bullying Policy reviewed and ratified. (see in Policy Section on website)
  • Maths Curriculum Policy ratified. (See in policy section on website)
  • Admissions Policy ratified. (see in Policy Section on website)

During this difficult time, the children of Kiltealy N.S. have been working very hard at home.

The staff want to say a huge well done to all the boys and girls for keeping up with their school work even though it must be a little challenging at times.

We have received lots of photos over the past few weeks and it is clear to see that the children of Kiltealy N.S. are so talented! We knew that anyway!

They have been doing their school work and their projects but they have also tried out certain activities that we wouldn’t get to do in school!

From Easter egg hunts to climbing mountains, from cooking dinner and baking to painting, gardening and DIY! They have learned lots of new skills at home that they will use throughout their lives so keep working hard, keep helping out at home and keep learning new things!

Have a look at what the boys and girls have been up to…

Kate Murphy Made bread (1) Kate Murphy Made bread (2) Lily O'Leary May Alter Lucy Brennan Unicorn picture Lily O'Leary Painted stones and cockles e540125a-2810-4704-b459-2ebbb283f07d image 0d72e854-ed94-4d4b-920c-e4908f9329a9 6392e5b1-2298-4637-9b24-dd83a10b537a fc1c4e21-6880-4c3a-a995-ba6f2ae23e33 ffacd8e3-0c17-4c0b-b618-03d7f3c71426 2203fe26-0cf4-4275-99c3-8c1d44fb275b 1bdf249a-a0da-4831-9a29-14286db18404 2c136763-8b3f-4543-a8b7-508a11274d16 20200429_210019 20200429_205959 20200406_170208 20200406_171328 IMG_20200403_162115 IMG_20200403_162040IMG_20200403_162052 received_273561257147067 IMG_20200403_161948 IMG_20200403_162026 20200405_182719 20200501_124224 image3 image4 image6 1588960645074_image5 image5 IMG_20200501_102443 IMG_1312 20200425_114303 image2 image1 20200428_114612 20200505_155135 20200505_155123 1588961674166_image2 1588961685221_image2 1588961670375_image1 image10 image9 image8 image7 1588962261023_image6 1588962264397_image5 1588962268063_image4 1588962273727_image1 Screenshot_20200508_190434 20200403_134924 Screenshot_20200508_182506 Screenshot_20200508_203758 Screenshot_20200508_203815 Screenshot_20200508_235902 96260747_657405971706342_4251869249099792384_n 97159676_672971906859796_4026369924027908096_n 96104511_545391679730706_4857683890963218432_n (1) 96364140_3484176291599647_8845040990659018752_n 96513533_186723072430608_834330940942581760_n 96674843_647277202783988_8015558054181339136_n 96238194_184593932671116_7755829630761697280_n mountain walk IMG-7022 IMG-7017 IMG-7034 IMG-6754 20200514_111445 20200514_124706 20200515_101233 20200504_174854 20200515_134935 20200515_142424 20200517_212948 20200517_213002 20200519_100929

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