Active School Week 2017

Active Week – Day 1 – Athletics

Active Week began today! Well done to all who took part.

We made the most of the weather and had lots of fun! Today we focused on Athletics. We ran, sprinted, did relays and took part in lots of fun races like the egg and spoon race, the sack race, the three legged race and much, much more! Here are some pictures for you to enjoy! :)

3rd&4th Class

P1020143 P1020142 P1020141 P1020140 P1020139 P1020138 P1020137 P1020136 P1020135 P1020134 P1020133 P1020132 P1020131 P1020130 P1020128 P1020127 P1020125 P1020124 P1020123 P1020122 P1020120 P1020119 P1020118 P1020117 P1020116 P1020115 P1020114 P1020113


Active Week – day 2 – Games

Today we focused on the Games strand. All classes had lots of fun playing all sorts of games for example hurling, soccer, basketball, badminton, ball games, parachute games and much, much more! Here are some pictures for you to enjoy!

3rd &4th Class

P1020170 P1020169 P1020168 P1020167 P1020166 P1020165 P1020164


Active Week – Day 3 – Gymnastics

Today we focused on the gymnastics strand. We has lots of fun learning different rolls for example the pencil roll, the egg roll, the James Bond roll, the forward roll and the teddy bear roll. Even some of the teachers had a go! :) Some of the children who do gymnastics outside school got the chance to show us some of their routines too! It was great fun!

3rd & 4th Class

P1020208 P1020207 P1020206 P1020205 P1020204 P1020203 P1020202 P1020201 P1020200 P1020198 P1020197 P1020196 P1020195 P1020194 P1020193 P1020192

P1020191 P1020190 P1020189 P1020188 P1020187 P1020186 P1020185 P1020184 P1020183 P1020182 P1020181 P1020180 P1020179 P1020178 P1020177 P1020176 P1020175




Walk Wednesday Success

Even on a wet and miserable Wednesday the pupils of Kiltealy N.S were out in force to take part in Walk on Wednesday. Pupils from Junior Infants right up to 6th class took part in the walk on Wednesday 31st of May. Our walk began in the Church car park and continued up through the village and onto the school . We had lots of fun on our walk despite the weather. Well done to all our active and brave students! A special thanks to Miss O’Neill who organised our walk.


Here are some Photos of our walk.

P1020109 P1020104 P1020105 P1020106 P1020107 P1020103 P1020102 P1020101 P1020100 P1020098 P1020097 P1020096 P1020095                                                         P1020094

Active Week – Day 4 – Dance

Today we focused on the Dance strand. We danced to music using the interactive whiteboard. We danced along to go noodle and just dance for kids! Then we made up dance moves in groups to a certain songs and performed to for other classes. It was great fun! Here are some pictures of the kids in action! :)

3rd & 4th Class

P1020214 P1020216 P1020217 P1020218 P1020219 P1020221 P1020223 P1020224 P1020225 P1020227 P1020228 P1020230 P1020231 P1020232 P1020233 P1020234 P1020235 P1020241


Active Week – Day 5 – Outdoor & Adventure

Today is our last day of Active Week and we focused on Outdoor & Adventure activities. We worked in groups, reading maps and finding different tags around the school. The children showed great team work and communication skills and had lots of fun along the way. Here are some photos or our adventures!

3rd & 4th Class

P1020242 P1020243 P1020244 P1020245 P1020246 P1020247 P1020248 P1020249 P1020250 P1020251




Our school promotes physical activity in a cross-curricular way throughout Active School Week 

Maths trails, nature walks, songs and dance outside etc.

PE Treasure hunt

Outdoor & adventure trailHard at work

Gathering clues in PE


PE fun


DSC_1116 DSC_1119 DSC_1117 DSC_1123 DSC_1124 DSC_1126

DSC_0642    DSC_0650




Active Homework!!!

Active Archie’s Adventures


Through our Active Flag we are raising awareness of fitness among children. We will be aiming to explore as many avenues as possible to keep the children fit and active.

Active Archie has arrived in Kiltealty N.S. and has visited the children to say hello. As his name suggests, he likes getting lots of exercise and he really enjoys trying new activities.

We would like to invite boys and girls in the junior classes and their families to bring Active Archie along with them if they are doing some kind of physical activity, or going to a sporting event as either participants or spectators.

Active Archie will help us see all the activities that the children are involved in at home. This may be organised activities or simply bouncing on the trampoline. Active Archie will be having all sorts of exciting adventures in the next few months!

It would be great if the boys and girls could write about what they did with Active Archie and/or draw a picture about their adventure. Hopefully Active Archie will get to do lots of fun activities with the boys and girls and their families.





Above: Some of our Active Committee ready to distribute the Super Trooper Packs to teachers and children.


Thank you to Jim Cooper, Jim Hanrahan, Keith Murphy, PJ and Robbie from 365 GAA and to our transition years who helped us during our Active School Week!