Monthly Archives: December 2020

Well done to all the boys and girls in 5th & 6th class who brought in their Christmas Projects over the past few days.

Voting will take place next week but for now why not take a look at the creative work of our budding entrepreneurs!

Christmas Jumper Day

A total of €235 was raised for the Jack and Jill Children’s Foundation

Christmas Project Winners!!!

1st – Michael

2nd – Bobby

3rd – Robert

4th – Conor

5th – Rick

Santa Dash& Santa Visit!

Christmas Art in 1st & 2nd Class

1st & 2nd Class learned all about teeth this month. They learned how to look after their teeth, how to brush their teeth, what foods/drinks are bad for their teeth and the different types of teeth. Have a look at the photos below. They even made their very own teeth out of play dough.