Food Dudes is a programme designed to encourage children to eat more fruit and vegetables both in school and at home.

This programme is commencing with the junior classes on Thursday 26th February. Junior & Senior Infants and first & second class will receive one portion of a different fruit and one portion of a different vegetable every day for 16 days  926th February to 23rd March. If the children taste each of these they will receive a reward. After the 16 days, children are encouraged to continue to eat fruit and vegetables for their breaks & lunch. If they do so they will receive a certificate after a certain amount of days. We hope this programme will be effective in helping children make healthy choices.

3rd  – 6th class are also taking part in Food Dudes. They are encouraged to eat more fruit and vegetables as past of their daily diet and will also have “fruit & vegetable tasting days” on the 5th, 10th, 13th & 20th of March.

For more info, please log onto and see attached parents information letter.

Food Dudes pg 1

Food Dudes pg2